a contemporary arts gallery for helsinki.

it seems that the secret of finland and its capital helsinki has always been based on the story of water. in the finnish national epic "kalevala" water is said to be the origin of both finnish life and culture.
at the same time, however, water also constitutes a threat since it might detach the peninsula helsinki from the mainland.
mixed feelings spread along the shoreline: is the baltic sea bringing up helsinki or is it separating the city from the mainland? the mobile immobility belongs to the city's character.
at helsinki's narrowest point where the peninsula borders on the mainland this dialectics is dealt with in a new form. a synthesis of the contrasting features of mobility and immobility is aimed at, the shorelines does no longer form clearly defined boundary.
the mobile immobility constitutes the basis of a new landscape architecture. both water and land are being given room in the newly defined space. in that way, the traditional figure-ground-realtion of architecture loses its significance.
a sculpture gallery is built where the visitors do not experience art in an autonomous sphere, but against the backround of the nature, history and culture of finland and helsinki.
in this context the visitors encounter the mobile immobility.

subject: designing
department: prof. dipl. ing. kirsten schemel, msa Muenster
designed by: frank kux & sielke schwager

Copyright 2010

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