an artist center for krakow.

the main aim of this task was the integration of the modernist architecture of adolf szyszko-bohusz "dom plastykow" (house of arts) into the newly designed artist center.
the existing buildings around the "planty" aren't in an interaction to this green belt and the inner old town. only the radial streets connect the outer built up areas to the circular traffic distributor. by tearing down a building not in use anymore we can give the site the freedom necessary to get a connection to the planty.
the different gutter heights of the surrounding area enables to work with various heights and volumes enclosing the "dom plastykow" and creating a patio.
the volumes opening up on the groundfloor are the connection to the green belt and enable the entry in the new building by using the patio. This town planning approach continues inside the building by creating new connections because of the views to the surrounding built up area. These views leads the user through the whole building.
connecting the route of the past and the future architecture a union is created which continues in the utilization. the existing building is revived by a variety and an exhibition hall, completed with a cafe, rooms for seminary and a huge studio which can be used as exhibition hall as well. artists from abroad get the opportunity to live temporary in the "living boxes" implanted in the studio.

subject: designing, international renovation module, tu delf, pk krakow, msa muenster
department: prof. dipl. ing. herbert buehler, msa Muenster
designed by: frank kux & michael kuehle

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