a town planning experiment

for the yongsan area in seoul.

the seoul "vision 2015" project plans to increase the number of galleries and museums throughout Seoul. constitutive on this project we developed a network which linked both existing and new cultural buildings with each other. this network is reflected in the urban space by public green. coming along are private green spaces. in the next step we develloped a grid of major and side roads. accompanying the green spaces we designed buildings which answered to the differing broadness by differing themselves in heights. floating comparatively flat buildings emerge alongside the green spaces which are in contrast to the
higher buildings occupying the rest of the area.

subject: designing/ town planning
department: prof. dipl. ing. kirsten schemel, prof. dipl. ing. franz josef hoeing, msa Muenster / prof. kiho kim, adjunct prof. annette erpenstein, university of seoul
designed by: frank kux & lars kipar

Copyright 2010

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